Photo Contest

7th Annual Tyngsborough Massachusetts Photo Contest

Show us your favorite photos of Tyngsborough!

  • What to enter: Your favorite photo of people, places or landmarks in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.
  • How to enter: Submit your photo via email to along with your name, address, phone number and location the photo was taken. Enter “Photo Contest” into he subject line of the email.
  • Who May enter: The contest is open to all Tyngsborough residents and employees of Tyngsborough Massachusetts based businesses.
  • When is the deadline: Entries will be accepted from 9am, September 16 to 12am, September 21. Voting will take place from 12pm, September 23 to 10pm, October 4.
  • How does the judging work: Each entrant will have two(2) chances to win. The “Facebook Likes” contest and the “Directors Choice Award.” Photos submitted for the contest will be posted to the Official Tyngsborough TV Facebook page on September 23. The photos will be judged by the public through the Tyngsborough TV Facebook page. The photo with the highest number of “Likes” at the end of the voting period on October 4 will be the winner on the “Facebook Likes” portion of the contest. Participants may share the post as often as they wish to increase their chances of winning. One photo will also be chosen from the remaining photos for the “Director’s Choice” award which will be chosen by the town Media Director.
  • What are the rules:
    • 1. Photos must be taken in Tyngsborough MA.
    • 2. Photos must be submitted via email along with Name, Address and location photo was taken (Personal information will not be shared with any outside parties).
    • 3. Photo must be in electronic format (JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF). No paper or polaroid photos will be accepted. The town is not responsible for any photo prints sent to town hall or other town agency.
    • 4. Submitted photo can not exceed 5mb in size.
    • 5. Participants may enter up to two(2) photos however each entry must be significantly different.
    • 6. The photographs submitted must be wholly owned by the submitter. Edited works, compilations and doctored images from other photographers will not be accepted.
  • Prize: The winning photos and photographers will be featured on the official town website, Facebook page and Tyngsborough TV channels. The winners will also receive a prize pack valued at $50. The contest winners will be notified by email and/or phone call. All entrants will have their photos displayed in the Tyngsborough Public Library during the month of October.

Terms & Conditions:
By submitting photos to the contest you are granting the Town of Tyngsborough irrevocable, royalty free, nonexclusive right, in perpetuity, to:

  • Use of your photo (along with a name credit) as promotion for this contest and future contests in print, website, social media, internet streaming and TV broadcasts.
  • Use in marketing and other official town materials in print, website, social media, internet streaming and TV broadcasts.
  • The Town of Tyngsborough is not responsible for any technical failures of submitted photos or of the Facebook voting process beyond our control and reserves the right to suspend the contest at any time.